Questions about Order Placing: 

1. Do I need to pay the sales tax?
>> No, there is no sales tax on our site, but if need to pay customs fee, pls pay by yourself! thanks.

2. What are the accepted payment methods?
>> We are currently accepting payments via Credit Cards. (Western Union) We prefer Western Union transfer, it is very fast, you can learn how to use it via, for our information for the transfer, please contact us. If you choose Western Union transfer payment term, our website will make 10% discount for you automatically at the original discount basis.

3. Do you accept international orders?
>> Yes, we accept orders from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany , Greece, Greenland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Luxemburg, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom and the United Stated directly though our website. If your country or area is not in the list, contact us. We can ship your order almost anywhere in the world.

4. Is my payment on your site secure?
>> All online payments are safe and secured. Our website has created a secure transaction environment. The ordering system we used is the industry standard for encryption technology-to protect your private information registered on our site. The encryption system provides you with security and peace of mind when your browser and local network supports the use of encrypted data transmissions.

5. What should I do if I am getting an error when I pay with my credit card?
>> If you are trying to checkout using credit card as your payment method but receiving an error, please go back and place an order again, your previous orders placed without payment should be cancelled within 24 hours. Please check with your credit card company to verify that your card is in good standing, if your three orders or more did not go through, please contact us for assistance.

6. What would happen if my order did not go through but my credit card is charged?
>> If you did not receive an order confirmation number within 24-48 hours, your order was not completed. If your credit card is charged for the unsuccessful order, we will return funds to your credit card account. The refund will be returned to your credit card account within 24-48 hours, depending your credit card company’s processing time. All successful orders that receive an order confirmation number will be charged when the item is shipped from our warehouse.

7. What can I do, if I cannot place an order successfully online?

>> If you encounter this problem, please try the following steps: First, please clear the cookies, restart the browser, turn off Firewall and then try again. Second, if the problem persists, please change another computer or another internet browser, such as Firefox, and then try. Or you can try to login after several hours. Last, if the above steps don’t work, you can contact us.

8:I have seen other websites that offer them for cheaper, why are yours more expensive?  

The price of the sneakers depends on the quality many websites will carry the lowest quality available and sell them for cheaper, but they will not last very long.

9:Do you have a catalogue with all your sneakers available? 

We are in the process of making a catalogue right now but if you'd like, our website is printer friendly and you can print out any pictures of any sneakers from our website.

10:What is a replica jordans or fake yeezys and how is it different from the real sneakers ?  

A replica shoes is a shoe made similar to that of the real brand ones, except, at a much lower cost. A real jordan sneaker can go up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you can get a replica similar to that one, for only a few hundred dollars. This allows the normal everyday person to be able to look and feel classy, without having to actually spend such ridiculous amounts of money on it.

11:How long does it take to ship out your replica shoes?  

It takes 5-7 business days to delivery to North America. For all international orders, packages take 8-14 business days. (Business days - excludes weekends and holidays.

12:Will i have problem with customs?  

We have many years experience in shipping replicas worldwide. We guarantee that the items will be sent to you directly. We can let our replicas pass the customs safely by our special way.

13:Who pays for the Duties and Tarifs on international shipments? 

We will not charge any duty for an international order.Import duties and taxes, which are the responsibility of the customer. Please contact your local customs office for details.

14:How much does shipping cost? 

We charge shipping cost $20 per one, we can supply free shipping if pay by bank transfer .

15:Do you ship out the sneakers on the same day that I order it?  

No, it usually takes 48 hours before your order is shipped out. This is to allow our staff to verify the information for the order is correct, and to package the order. Once your order has been verified and confirmed by our verification staff, the order will be sent out to our packaging and shipping department. It will then take up to ten business days for the package to arrive, from the time your order was processed. (Business days - excludes weekends and holidays.)

16:It has been 3 days since I placed my order, how come it still hasn't been shipped yet?  

Depending on which style of sneakers you ordered, it may have to be custom made, as some sneakers are made to order. Some of the more exotic sneakers can take up to 3-5 business days for it to be shipped out. As soon as your sneakers is shipped out, you will be notified of it in your Members Section. The status of your sneakers will indicate as "Shipped".

17:How does my package get shipped out?  

 Your package is delivered to you by DHL and EMS.

18:How long does it take to ship out your watches?  

It takes 5-7 business days to delivery to North America. For all international orders, packages take 8-14 business days. (Business days - excludes weekends and holidays.)

19:Do you deliver to other countries other than the U.S.A. as well?  

Yes , we deliver all over the world .

20:I'm leaving the country in 2 days can I have the product shipped to me overnight? 

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship our packages overnight due to the large volume of orders we receive everyday.

21:Are there any other hidden fees to pay besides for the product and the shipping?  

No, there are no additional fees to be paid. Our online live support, customer support help line, and access to our Member's Area are all included. We are here to do our best to make this experience with us, an excellent one. Customer support and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

22:Will my telephone number be given out to anyone else? 

No, your telephone number and other personal information will never be given to anyone else. It is kept in our database for future reference when you make another order. You will only be contacted when we need to verify your order and if there are any problems with the order.

23:Can I withdraw the order placed with your online store? 

You can withdraw your order within 24 hours of its placement.

24:Can I get my money back if I am not satisfied with your product or service?  

Yes, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, please contact our staff and notify us of the problem. We will provide you with a return address where you can send the Once we receive the sneakers, we will immediately have the funds reinstated back onto your credit card.